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Tank, Daniel. Daniel Tank was created by Peter Clark Macfarlane (Bilge Kennedy, Sergeant McCarty, Maisie Wells) and appeared in six stories in Pearson’s Magazine (U.S.) in 1910, beginning with “Daniel Tank, Jungle Beast” (Pearson’s Magazine (U.S.), Apr 1910).

Daniel Tank is the unofficial ruler of The City.

The City Government was firmly in the grasp of the Tank Machine. The Tank Machine was, first and foremost, Daniel Tank himself, coarse, rugged, beefy, who held the thickly populated wards in a grasp of iron and who cheerfully bought and sold the rights of the people at the prices current but after a fashion all his own. His boasted assumption of a fatherly attitude involved the further assumption that the people did not know how to govern themselves nor care to bother about it, together with the astonishing presumption that he both knew how to govern and did so patriotically. If he profited by the exercise of his prerogative it was but by something in the nature of contingent fees.

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