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Tancred, Benjamin. Benjamin Tancred was created by G.D.H. Cole (Tom Fairford, Mrs. Elizabeth Warrender, Henry Wilson) and appeared in Doctor Tancred Begins (1935) and Last Will and Testament (1936).

Benjamin Tancred is a physician who abandons medicine soon after finishing his medical training and becomes a private detective for a long-established detective agency. With that agency he builds up a reputation by dealing with “shady financiers and professional blackmailers which left Scotland Yard a very long way behind.” Tancred eventually leaves the agency and strikes out on his own. He is “a tall, impressive figure, big-built without the smallest tendency to fatness...head had...a slight stoop, and a way of holding his big head, with its shaggy brown hair, a little forward and on one side as he walked or stood.” As time passes he becomes famous.

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