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Tam O' The Scoots. Tam was created by Edgar Wallace (Viola Beech, Brigand, Wireless Bryce, Felix Carfew, Dixon, Elegant Edward, Inspector Elk, Educated Evans, Four Square Jane, Dixon Hawke, Heine, Felix Jenks, Just Men, King Kong (I), Larry Loman, Superintendent Minter, Policy Sleuth, Oliver Rater, John G. Reeder, The Ringer, Sanders, York Symon, Inspector Wade, Kate Westhanger) and appeared in twenty-two stories in Everybody's Magazine from 1917 to 1919, beginning with “The Case of Lasky” (Everybody’s Magazine, Nov. 1917).

Tam O’The Scoots is a short, gangly, redheaded Scotsman who speaks in a stereotypical Scottish burr. Before World War One he worked as a car mechanic and was a pacifist, refusing military service and moving from job to job. Purely by chance he became a mechanic at an aerodrome, and soon enough he applied for and became a pilot and a sergeant. Soon after that he displayed a great talent for killing enemy pilots. His personality is not entirely savory, for he is a mooch and scrounge and is penurious. But his superiors don’t care about that, because he kills and kills and kills. He eventually falls in love with Vera Laramore, a wealthy American society woman in France to help the wounded by driving an ambulance. The two fall in love and end up marrying.

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