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Tam. Tam was created by Otis Adelbert Kline (Alan Buell, Dragoman, Ted Dustin, Robert Grandon, Jan of the Jungle, Bart Leslie) and appeared in “Tam, Son of the Tiger” (Weird Tales, June-Dec 1931); the serial was collected as Tam, Son of the Tiger (1931).

Tam is a Jungle Hero. Tam is raised by a female tiger and adventures in a secluded area in Burma. He is actually the son of “young American philanthropist and sportsman” Major Charles Evans and his wife Lucille, but they died, leaving a two-year-old Tam to be taken in by the white tigress Leang. She considers Tam a cub and adopts him, nursing him and teaching him the mother call, among other things. Tam grows up with one of Leang’s cubs, who is full-sized when Tam is still only seven. Tam discovers that Leang was herself raised as an orphaned cub by the pious lama Lozong. Lozong befriends Tam, who still remembers his human name but otherwise considers himself a “fierce kitty” and has a limited vocabulary in English.

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