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Talero, Pancho. Pancho Talero was created by the Argentinian author Arturo Lanteri and appeared in Las Aventuras de Pancho Talero (1929), Pancho Talero en la Prehistoria (1930), and Pancho Talero en Hollywood (1931), as well as a comic strip, Las Aventuras de Pancho Talero (1929-1932?). 

Pancho Talero is an Argentinian whose life takes some wacky turns, leading to zany shenanigans. Among other hijinks, Talero meets Pancho Villa, goes back in time and meets cavemen, and Talero’s daughter wins a beauty contest and goes to Hollywood, where she is chosen for a role in a movie and meets a thinly-veiled and not at all charming Douglas Fairbanks analogue.

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