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Talbot, Larry. Larry Talbot was created by Curt Siodmak (Bernard Adrian, Richard Donovan, Lennartz, Dr. Sovac) and appeared in the film The Wolf Man (1941).

When Larry Talbot hears that his brother has been killed, he returns home to Wales. In Wales he visits a Romany (Gypsy) camp with a local woman. She is attacked by Bela, a Romany who bears the curse of the werewolf. Talbot kills Bela but is bitten by Bela during the fight. Bela’s mother Maleva tells Talbot that he now has contracted the curse, and that every full moon he will transform into a werewolf. Talbot tells his father about what has happened, and eventually, while Talbot is in two-legged man-wolf form, Talbot’s father kills Talbot.

* I'm including The Wolf Man in the Best of the Encyclopedia list because it's a fun, classic horror film that happens to be historically important. The production values on The Wolf Man are very high for 1941. The performances are good, the writing tight, the direction fine. By the standards of 1941 audiences, The Wolf Man is frightening. It also happened to be enormously influential on the look of later werewolf movies, an influence that lasted for around forty years. 

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