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Takuji. Takuji was created by the Japanese author Miyazaki Ichiu and appeared in “Nichibei” (Shônen Kurabu, Feb. 1922-Apr. 1923).

Ten years in the future, Japan is launching eight brand new battleships as a way to counter the “underhanded and detestable meddling of the United States.” Watching the ships launch are retired Admiral Nango and his teenaged grandson Takuji. Unfortunately, soon after the ships launch, the White Peril U.S.A. attacks the Japanese fleet, and a long battle ensues. Takuji and his grandfather go to Lion Island, a hidden island in the Indian Ocean, where the survivors of the wreck of the Unebi have been building a secret Japanese naval base complete with technologically advanced weaponry, including high-tech submarines which look like “giant white snakes.” Takuji leads the submarines against the American forces and destroys them, winning the war for Japan.

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