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Tainted Wealth Reducing Syndicate. The Tainted Wealth Reducing Syndicate was created by Edwin LeFevre and appeared in three stories in The Saturday Evening Post from 1912 to 1914, beginning with “The Pearls of the Princess Patricia” (Saturday Evening Post, Mar 30, 1912).

The Tainted Wealth Reducing Syndicate, also known as the Plunder Recovery Syndicate, is a group of men dedicated to outwitting, and stealing from, crooked financiers and thieves and other “rich enemies of society,” for “pearls and diamonds have ruined as many women as drink has ruined men or Wall Street has destroyed souls.” The men of the Syndicate are skillful, smart, and plan very carefully and long in advance, so as to outsmart even the cleverest of policemen in America, Great Britain, and the Continent. The Syndicate is led by the canny Colonel Lowther, a genius of disguise.

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