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Tailspin Tommy. Tailspin Tommy was created by Glen Chaffin and Hal Forrest (Four Aces) and appeared in the comic strip “Tailspin Tommy” (1928-1942) and Tailspin Tommy Air Adventures Magazine #1-2 (1936-1937). He also appeared in film serials in 1934 and 1935.

“Tailspin Tommy” Tomkins is an all-American teenager who is infatuated with airplanes. After Tomkins earns his pilot's license he goes to work for Three-Point Airlines, a small airline based in Texas. Working with Tommy are Skeets Milligan, a wiseguy mechanic, and perky fellow pilot Betty Lou Barnes, whose rich uncle later helps her take over the company. Initially the exploits of Tomkins, Milligan and Barnes are "realistic," involving matters such as delivering medical supplies and ordinary cargo and helping rescue trapped workers during floods and forest fires.

In the Sunday pages, however, Tomkins and his two friends fight more exotic foes, discover Lost Races in the Andes, lead expeditions to the South Pole, find volcano-god-worshiping civilizations in the South Seas, and rescue ships from the Sargasso Sea. In 1934 Hal Forrest took over writing the strip and made it even more gloriously pulpish, so that Tomkins’ enemies became death-ray-wielding Mad Scientists, air pirates, phantom planes piloted by skeletons, spies stealing the plans for stratospheric airplanes, and so on.

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