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Tahara. Tahara was created by Harold M. Sherman and appeared in the four-book “Tahara Adventure” series, beginning with Tahara, Boy King of the Desert (1933) and concluding with Tahara in the Land of the Yucatan (1933).

Tahara is a Superhuman. Young explorer Dick, while adventuring in the Sahara, discovers a Lost Race of blue-eyed Aryans at a Stone Age level of civilization. He befriends them, and a group of treehouse-dwelling missing link ape-men, and discovers that he is the reincarnation of the lost race's greatest mystic, "Tahara." With a couple of members of each group, and accompanied by the Indian mystic Mahatma Sikandar, Dick (now calling himself “Tahara”) journeys into the jungles of Africa, where he goes in search of the lost treasures of King Solomon and the lost lore of Queen of Sheba.

As time passes Tahara’s mental powers grow, Tahara and his friends go to India, led by Mahatma Sikandar. They go to Sikandar's home, a lost city high in the Himalayas, where the Hindu gods manifest themselves to their priests and various mystics and monks. Tahara et. al battle an advanced, evil mystic there (an agent of Kali-ma), make use of crystal scrying, and defy and break one of Kali-ma's curses. Then, finally, Tahara, now a fully functioning adept, with extensive mental powers, including telepathy, goes to Mexico, where Tahara intends to claim his destiny. Tahara fulfills the prophesies about his fate in battles with immortals from a hidden city in the Yucatan jungles to the ruins of an Aztec fortress.

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