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Swopper Bob. Swopper Bob was created by Dick Shaw (Bulldog Bolland) and appeared in a number of stories in Triumph in 1930 and 1931, beginning with “The Lad Who Tamed A Leopard!” (Triumph, Nov 8, 1930).

“Swopper Bob” Carey is a cheeky young British lad who joins the American Africa Hand Trader Bone on a trading expedition into the interior of Africa. Bob is accompanied by his friend, the Umslopogaas-like Mopo. Together, the trio encounter the usual sorts of African jungle troubles: hostile witch doctors, Leopard Men cults, hungry wild animals, rampaging natives, and so on. Needless to say, Swopper et al. always defeat their enemies, whether through superior firepower or Swopper’s conjuring and prestidigitation, which the (racistly-portrayed) natives believe is magic.

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