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Swift, Leighton. Leighton Swift was created by Charles Reed Jones and appeared in The King Murder (1929), The Torch Murder (1930), and The Van Norton Murders (1931).

Leighton Swift is a consulting detective in New York City. He has an unofficial association with the N.Y.P.D. and they value his help and respect him, because he’s very good at solving crimes. But he’s “a taciturn, unsocial man...none of these casual confreres had ever come to know him well. They had been extraordinarily impressed by his seemingly infallible faculty for criminal investigation, but no one of them had ever penetrated the calm, immobile shell that so obscured his personality.” Only two people can claim to know the languid Swift well: Tomlin, his silent, efficient valet and butler, and Van Kempen, Swift’s high-spirited, casual elite drinking partner. Unfortunately, Van Kempen goes mad and kills his mistress and then himself, leaving Swift alone again.

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