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Supersabios, Los. Los Supersabios were created by the Mexican creator German Butze Oliver and appeared in a number of comic strips, comic books, and cartoons from 1936 to the present, beginning with the comic strip “Los Supersabios” (Novedades, 1936).

Los Supersabios are Paco Pelillo, Panza Piñon Venado, and Pepe Pelotas, three teenaged friends in the rural Mexican town of Chamaco Chico who have a variety of adventures across Mexico and North and South America. Paco and Pepe are older, Panza is younger, insecure, chubby, and longs for adventure. Rose and Violet, daughters of the banker Rosado del Rosal, are girlfriends of Paco and Pepe. Pola is in love with Panza. Panza tormented in his family life but sees his dreams of escape come true.

* I'm including the Supersabios comic strips and comic books in the Best of the Encyclopedia list because of their historical importance. The Supersabios comic strips were some of the best of the Golden Age of Mexican Comics (the 1930s and 1940s) and were among the most popular comic strips in Mexico both during that Golden Age and afterward. The quality and longevity of the comics guaranteed that the Supersabios became the iconic Mexican teen adventurers during up through the 1960s, and the approach of German Butze Oliver guaranteed that the strips would be consistently fun to read for both children and adults. (Regrettably there's some racism in the Supersabios comics). 

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