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Suicide Squad. The Squad was created by Emile C. Tepperman (Marty Quade, Ed Race, Nick Valentine) and appeared in twenty-two stories in Ace G-Men Stories from 1939 to 1943, beginning with “Mr. Zero and the Suicide Squad” (Ace G-Men Stories, May 1939).

The Suicide Squad is a trio of G-Men who make up the "F.B.I. Suicide Squad." They are Special Agents Johnny Kerrigan, Dan Murdoch, and Stephen Klaw:

Long ago, they had found that they had one thing in common--a deliberate, willful, daredevil recklessness which made them always seek the longest odds and the most dangerous tasks. As Special Agents of the F.B.I. they were never assigned to routine jobs, but got only those assignments from which there was little chance of returning alive.

Stephen Klaw had once told the chairman of a senate investigating committee to go to hell when he had been asked why he shot to kill in a battle with a criminal gang. Johnny Kerrigan had once punched a senator's son in the nose. And Dan Murdoch had shot a crooked croupier to death in a gambling dive.

With heroes like this, the enemies of society have to watch out. Of course, the Suicide Squad has to beware, too. Despite their skill with guns and their low cunning, they are only flesh and blood. Not long before there'd been five men in the Suicide Squad. But the underworld had gotten them, and the Squad was reduced to just Kerrigan, Murdoch, and Klaw. However, usually it is criminals and not Squad members who do the dying. The Squad take on great numbers of Japanese and German spies, both in the U.S. and in Mexico.

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