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Sugita. Sugita was created by “Unno Juza,” the pseudonym of the Japanese author Sano Shoichi (Homura Soroku), and appeared in the serial “Ukabu Hikoto” (Shonen Kurabu, Jan-Dec 1938, as a novel 1944).

In the near future Sugita is a patriotic sailor in the Japanese Navy. One day he and Kawakami, his superior office, discover that the White Perils England, France, U.S.A., Netherlands, along with Thailand and China, are building an enormous floating island/airstrip/battleship in the middle of the South China Sea. The British Commander in charge of the airstrip is even negotiating a secret alliance with the Soviets to have the U.S.S.R. declare war against Japan. Sugita sacrifices himself to blow up the floating airstrip, and Kawakami brings the good news of its destruction back to Japan.

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