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Sudden Death Lodge. Sudden Death Lodge was created by P.C. Wren (Otho Bellême, Dirty Dogs’ Club, Sinclair Noel Brodie Dysart, Beau Geste, Major Hazelrigg, McSnortt, Minna von Voehniger) and appeared in twenty-five stories which were collected in Dew and Mildew (1912).

The Sudden Death Lodge was originally a very nice bungalow built for a Parsi gentleman of large parts. Unfortunately, the location on which the bungalow was to be built was the location of the tomb of a fakir's illuminated Master, a most holy man. Despite the heart-breaking pleas of the fakir, the Parsi gentleman refused to change his plans, and went ahead with the razing of the tomb and the evicting of the long-entrenched fakir.

This was an Unfortunate Decision. The fakir's response, "a fine, full-flavoured, traditional old Curse and nearly as detailed as a last Will and Testament," went as follows:

Build it, and in two years it shall destroy thee...and within two years more thy son it shall destroy, and in the fullness of time thy son's son, and thy seed, so long as it shall stand; and grief and sorrow shall it bring upon thy family, and good to none of them shall it bring...let those who lift a hand in the building of it beware, for they shall rue. Let men shun it and fear to dwell in it, for upon all who sojourn or serve therein, great evil and great grief shall it bestow; and to him who dwelleth beneath its roof for the space of two years, Death shall then come—swift, sudden, and terrible. And one of the household of him who bideth for a lesser time shall die—unless he die himself—one whom he loveth, so that, though his body live, his heart shall die within him; and this shall be until the accursed House be utterly destroyed, and my Master's tomb restored and duly adorned with green flags, and little lamps by night...I CURSE, I CURSE, I CURSE!

And so comes to pass. Everyone who lives in Sudden Death Lodge dies of “Queer Coincidences:” stairs give way, snakes appear where they shouldn’t be, reliable servants unaccountably run amok, and so on. Ghosts are seen, and the fakir communicates via dreams with future victims, telling them to leave, now. They never do, and they all die.

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