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Submarine Boys. The Submarine Boys were created by "Victor G. Durham" and appeared in the eight-book “Submarine Boys” series, beginning with The Submarine Boys on Duty, or, Life on a Diving Torpedo Boat (1909) and concluding with The Submarine Boys’ Secret Mission, or, Beating an Ambassador’s Game (1920).

The Submarine Boys are Jack Benton, Hal Hastings, and Eph Somers, all stalwart and patriotic sixteen-year-olds. Jack is the leader of three, a "world-known expert in the handling of submarine torpedo boats." He holds no official Navy commission, but is so good at what he does that the Pollard Submarine Company give him command of the Pollard, its most recent and advanced sub. Benton, Hastings, and Somers take the Pollard and later, more advanced submarines up against a wide variety of enemy agents, from Russian Femmes Fatale to Kamanako, a Yellow Peril Japanese operative posing as a steward and houseboy, to Miss Pedderson, a spy for Sweden. The Submarine Boys’ arch-enemies are Lemaire, a professional spy who hires himself out to the highest bidder, and Gaston Goubeau of the Deuxieme Bureau.

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