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Sturmvögel. Sturmvögel was created by "F.L. Barwin," the pseudonym of the German author Lisa Barthel Winkler (Alaska-Jim, Bob Hunter (II)) and Fritz Barthel (Alaska-Jim), and appeared in Sturmvögel, Mit Buchse und Tobbogan durch die Arktis, Abenteuer zwischen Urwald und Prarie #1-82 (1939-1941). Sturmvögel was the government-mandated replacement for Alaska-Jim.

Sturmvögel is Rolf Rauhaar, a.k.a. “Rolf Kraft.” Sturmvögel is a German who has a series of adventures on the western frontiers of America and Canada during the 1870s and 1880s. He is accompanied by his native companion and friend Old Grey.

Sturmvögel appears in stories with titles like “Gold and Ice,” “The Jungle Fort,” and “The King of the Wilderness.”

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