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Stürmer, Captain Fred. Captain Fred Stürmer was created by the German author Harry Strong and appeared in Kapitän Stürmers Fahrten und Abenteuer zu Wasser und zu Lande #1-75 (1906-1908); the series was reprinted in Sweden in 1908 and Hungary in 1909.

In the 19th century Captain Fred Stürmer is the captain of the Albatross. Stürmer takes the Albatross around the world and has a variety of nautical adventures. Stürmer is known as stürm vogel, the "storm bird," because storms of trouble inevitably accompany his arrival. Nonetheless, he is well-liked in all the ports of the world because of his devotion to helping the innocent. He fights Ottoman pirates and various other pirates, he hunts the Flying Dutchman, he fights a Yellow Peril Chinese pirate and the “Tyrant of Uganda,” he travels across Oceania in a balloon, is kidnapped by the French Foreign Legion, fights New Guinea headhunters and the Amazons of Dahomey, he meets Buffalo Bill, finds the “treasure of the Mad Emperor,” he fights white slavers and anarchists, he enters the subterranean world of Verne’s Journey to the Center of the Earth, finds sunken Aztec treasure, and fights the “Death Prophet of the Gauchos.”

Stürmer appears in stories with titles like “The Death Ship in Eternal Ice,” “The Riddle of the Chinese,” and “The Island of Death.”

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