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Stuart, Lord. Lord Stuart was created by the German author Ernst Pinkert and appeared in Lord Stuart, der Große Abenteurer #1-76 (1919-1925).

Lord Stuart is a Lupin. He is a gentleman adventurer and thief, but specifically modeled on Percy Stuart rather than Arsène Lupin. Stuart travels around the world, stealing valuable objects, helping innocent people, and fighting interesting opponents, from the Vampire of Dover Street to Caracas the Devil to Roloff, the man nobody knew. Stuart fights seducers and cads, braves "the Terrible Mill," fights "the Vampire of the Ball House," the poisoner Femme Fatale Lady Tompson, ends the rule of the "Prairie Kings," and combats "the Hangman of Constantinople." 

Lord Stuart appears in stories with titles like “The End of the Prairie Kings,” “The Mystery of the Pit Shaft,” and “Death Ride over the Ocean.”

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