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Strong, Ted. Ted Strong was created by Charles Agnew MacLean and appeared in 175 issues of Rough Rider Weekly from 1904 to 1907, beginning with “Ted Strong’s Rough Riders; or, the Boys of Black Mountain” (Rough Rider Weekly #1, Apr. 23, 1904); the series was reprinted in Denmark in 1911.

The "King of the Wild West," Ted Strong is a cowboy hero who serves as a sergeant in Col. Theodore Roosevelt's cavalry during the Spanish-American War before returning to the "Black Hills of North Dakota" [sic] to take care of the ranch left to him by his grandfather. Strong does, defeating the efforts of the evil lawyer Rossiter to take the ranch, its land, and the gold upon it from Strong. Strong then gathers a group of friends around him, dubs them the "Rough Riders," and goes on a series of adventures, both on the Black Mountain Ranch and across the frontier, from Oregon to Mexico.

Strong’s friends include Kit Summers (quick and wiry), Ben Tremont (the giant blond former college athlete), Jack Slate (the drawling Bostonian fop) Thaddeus Perkins (the "human beanpole"), Doc Fenton (the group doctor, and quite good at it, too), Josiah Durkin (short, porky, and a would-be thespian), and Carl Schwartz (the German stereotype). On at least one occasion Strong teams up with Nick Carter (I).

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