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Strong, Jim. Jim Strong was created by Frank Gruber (Otis Beagle, Johnny Fletcher, Simon Lash, Captain March, Oliver Quade, Sam Vedder, John Vedders) and appeared in twenty stories in Crime Busters and Street & Smith’s Mystery Magazine from 1938 to 1941, beginning with “The Red Meal Ticket Racket” (Crime Busters, Jan. 1938).

Jim Strong is a two-fisted, hard-boiled N.Y.P.D. Sergeant who focuses on those rackets which swindle and harm the average citizen, such as those which peddle stolen furs. Strong is known as “The Racket Man” because “he specialised in rackets. He knew more about them than any policeman in the city. District attorneys came and went, yet Strong remained in the office, despite elections and periodic shake-ups.” Strong has a room full of gadgets and contraptions and devices, all of which were used in a racket or swindle, and some of which later assist him in closing cases.

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