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Stromboli, Baron Cesare. Baron Cesare Stromboli, was created by the French author José Moselli (Browning and Co., Marcel Dunot, M. Dupont, Jean Flair, Iko Térouka, Fédor Ivanovitch Sarraskine, John Strobbins, Jack Temple, Wasili Tchorok, Andreas Vollmer) and appeared in thirty-eight stories in L'Inédit (Nov. 7, 1912-July 31, 1913).

Baron Cesare Stromboli is a Lupin. Stromboli styles himself an "international gentleman" and is active across Europe, America, and Asia. He is described as

thin and elegant, a monocle in his dark eye, a curled mustache above two red and smiling lips, the Baron presents an unforgettable impression. A conversationalist as well as a witty scholar, always knowing what is appropriate as well as how to lose the game with good grace, he always knows how to please the men and be accepted by the women.

Among his exploits, he: blackmails Emperor Othon II into giving him the title of Baron; steals the "Emerald of Rurik the Russian" despite it being under continual guard of twelve Cossacks; steals four thousand kilos of Mongolian gold from a locked railcar; avenges himself on William Hacksmill, a New York diamond merchant, who cost the Baron $2 million--the Baron relieves Hacksmill of $3 million in diamonds from a ship in the middle of the Atlantic; defends a singer in Trieste who is unjustly accused of espionage; steals a million marks from the German military treasury during World War One; returns a stolen ivory and gold statue to its rightful owner in Naples; and investigates a haunted Spanish castle.

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