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Straussman, Twisted Face. Twisted Face Straussman was created by Gilderoy Davison (Mister Brent, Peter Castle) and appeared in eight novels from 1931 to 1940, beginning with The Man with the Twisted Face.

Once upon a time Herr Straussman was the Grand Duke of Germany, an aristocrat who was known throughout Germany for his handsomeness and dignity. But one of his plots (for he is a master spy on behalf of the German Emperor) goes awry, and the car in which he is fleeing crashes and his face is mutilated. This makes him bitter, even “demoniac,” and he “sets in motion the wheels of his super-powerful organisation” toward the end of ruining Great Britain and giving Germany power over Europe. Straussman’s schemes always fail in the end, however. He is assisted by the faithful Otto.

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