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Strange, Violet. Violet Strange was created by Anna Katherine Green (Ebenezer Gryce) and appeared in nine stories and one novel from 1895 to 1915, beginning with The Doctor, His Wife, and the Clock; the stories were collected in The Golden Slipper and Other Problems for Violet Strange (1915).

Violet Strange comes from an upper-class family, is well-to-do, socially popular, beautiful, feminine, and smart, but the life of a debutante is not enough for her. She craves the sort of action that a woman of her class might get without losing social respectability: criminal investigations. (To be fair, she takes these cases for pay to help fund the musical education of a “dishonored and disinherited sister”). She is an agent of the police, who pay her to investigate crimes in high society and other environments in which they cannot, for various reasons, effectively work. Strange pretends to be a social butterfly while using her position and ingenuity to winkle out clues and guilt. She is not ruthless in her investigations, however; things like spying on her friends and others of her class bother her, as she finds it morally objectionable.

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