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Strang the Terrible. Strang the Terrible was created by Dudley Watkins (Desperate Dan, Lord Snooty, Jimmy Watson) and appeared in at least twenty-four stories in Adventure (U.K.) and Beano from 1936 to 1951.

Strang the Terrible is a British Great White Hunter and adventurer. He is widely-traveled and is “never happier than when away from civilization.” His specialty is discovering Lost Races. In a secluded section of the Andes he discovers the “lost tribe of Goz.” Strang leads the tribe from their home, the dinosaur-ridden Valley of the Monsters, to a peaceful section of the Andes. Then, in Tanganyika, he finds a light-skinned race in the “mountains of Udz.” Strang is brawny and tall, “with a chest and shoulders like a gorilla” and “a fine head and features which told of unusual intelligence and resource. There were many who considered Strang to be the strongest man in the world.”

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