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Stosch-Sarrasani, Hans. Hans Stosch-Sarrasani (1883-1934) was a famous circus clown and later owner and operator of the Circus Sarrasani. From 1923 to 1926 Stosch-Sarrasani was the hero of the German Celebrity Pulps Hans Stosch-Sarrasani #1-80 (1923-1924) and Hans Stosch-Sarrasani #1-100 (1925-1926); the series was reprinted in Denmark in 1923.

The fictional Stosch-Sarrasani is a circus owner but is also a cowboy and has adventures, sometimes teaming with Billy Jenkins (who was Stosch-Sarrasani’s employee in real life) across the world. Stosch-Sarrasani encounters Apaches, visits tea-houses in Japan, fights Yellow Perils in China and Japan, goes on hunting parties in the Indian state of Baradhot, and fights Cossacks in the Caucasus. He fights the Gun Moll Rita Flame-Hair, pirates on the Mississippi, and the “Man of Death,” he solves “the Mystery of the House of Usher,” he helps engineer the election of the Dalai Lama, he discovers Atlantis, and he finds the tomb of Genghis Khan.

Stosch-Sarrasani appears in stories with titles like “The Opium Den of Tung-Sui-Men,” “The Wizard of Martinez,” and “The Revenge of the Dwarf Clowns.”

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