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Stormy Petrel. The Stormy Petrel was created by Violet Needham and appeared in four novels from 1939 to 1950, beginning with Black Riders.

The European operetta kingdom of Flavonia is troubled. It is ruled by Jasper the Terrible, and his merciless law is enforced by his men, the fierce Black Riders. Fortunately, there are rebels in Flavonia, the Confederates, and they are led by Far Away Moses, so-called because he is always far away when Jasper’s men think they have him. A young boy, Dick Fauconbois, joins the Confederates, and thanks to his bravery helps bring an end to Jasper’s rule and restore Flavonia’s true ruler to the throne, and then keep him alive while he is there. Dick becomes known as “Stormy Petrel” because he always appears when a storm is imminent.

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