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Stormy. Stormy was created by Zella Mackintosh and appeared in six stories in Clues in 1930, beginning with “Stormy Digs In” (Clues, June 1, 1930).

Lieutenant “Stormy” Leach is the night chief of the detective bureau. As one of his officers says, “the lads call him Stormy…because nobody ever saw him flustered or hear him blow up…that quiet, icy way of his ain’t human.” Stormy is a hard man, though not unmerciful; he stresses taking criminals alive because dead men can’t talk, and also because sometimes murder isn’t justified, even though the beat cops want to kill the crimnals they catch. Stormy’s approach to crime-solving is, “When everything seems smooth and plausible, right then is the time to doubt—and dig in.”

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