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Stonewall, Edmond. Edmond Stonewall was created by Garrett Serviss (The Sky Pirate, Cosmo Versal) and appeared in “A Columbus of Space” (All-Story, Jan-June 1909).

Edmond Stonewall is a Planetary Romance Hero. Stonewall is a wealthy scientist who after lengthy experimentation has discovered atomic-powered antigravity. His friends scoff at him, so he tricks them into his spaceship and takes them to Venus. Stonewall and his friends first encounter a group of primates who use a basic form of telepathy and who have a crude kind of culture. They are impressed with the humans’ firearms and adopt them as gods. Stonewall et al. go exploring and discover another Venutian civilization, this one technologically-advanced and inhabited by blond telepathic humans. Stonewall falls in love with the queen, Ala, and finds uranium ore, which he uses to repair his own spaceship, which was damaged during a storm. But then the sun, which is usually hidden from the natives by the thick cloud cover, breaks through and kills all the Venutians. Stonewall and the other humans return home.

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