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Stingaree. The Stingaree was created by E.W. Hornung (John Dollar, A.J. Raffles) and appeared in ten short stories and two novels and short story collections from 1896 to 1905, beginning with Irralie’s Bushranger; he also appeared in a film serial in 1915.

In Irralie’s Bushranger the Stingaree is a hard and even ruthless bushranger (Australian bandit) who attempts to rob Irralie Villiers and is eventually apprehended and jailed in Darlinghurst Gaol. In the sequel Stingaree has a new background, and his adventures take place in the 1880s. The Stingaree is a member of an aristocratic English family who was forced to flee from Great Britain because of a scandal. Stingaree went to Australia and began work as a Lupin, similar to A.J. Raffles but retaining something of the ruthlessness he displayed in Irralie’s Bushranger. Stingaree is again arrested and placed in Darlinghurst Gaol, but he escapes and is not heard from again. Stingaree is a handsome young man with a military mustache and a monocle. He has an interest in music and collects scores.

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