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Stillman, Meade. Meade Stillman was created by J.U. Giesy (Jason Croft, Semi-Dual, Van Wyck, Dr. Xenophon Zapt) and appeared in “All For His Country” (Cavalier, Feb. 21-Mar 14, 1914).

Meade Stillman is an inventor who with the assistance of his father has created by an airship which uses radiation to produce antigravity. The War Department is interested in it, but a senator with financial ties to the airplane industry provokes an argument with Stillman, ending any possibility of a sale to the government. But when the Mexicans invade the U.S., followed by the Japanese, America is put in a bad position. Although the Mexicans were defeated, the Japanese have a new kind of super-explosive as well as substantial numbers of spies and sympathizers inside the U.S. Fortunately, Stillman uses his new airship, the Miracle, to destroy the Japanese invaders and defeat their wicked plans to demand the right for Japanese-Americans to become full American citizens and to marry white women.

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