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Steeley. Steeley was created by W.E. Johns (Biggles, Gimlet, Dr. Vane, Worrals) and appeared in six novels from 1936 to 1939, beginning with Sky High.

Deeley Montfort "Steeley" Delaroy is a pilot and air ace (many times over) who fought for Britain during World War One as a proud member of the Royal Flying Corps. But when Steeley returned to England after the war he was a Rootless Veteran, and was gravely disappointed in the attitude of English society towards the brave men who had sacrificed so much for them. Steeley's reaction is to turn to crime, but only in the service of good, as a modern day Robin Hood. He uses his plane and occasionally his powerful roadster to rob those who had profited from the war and to redistribute the wealth to those who had sacrificed for others during the war. In later novels Steeley allows himself to be enlisted by Major Raymond (who also appears in the Biggles books) into working undercover for Scotland Yard and for the Secret Intelligence Service. Steeley is assisted by Tubby Wilde, a friend and pilot from World War One, and Brian Ballantyne, a young newspaper reporter.

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