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Steele, Malcolm. Malcolm Steele was created by Mansfield Scott and appeared in seventeen stories and serials and three novels from 1919 to 1929, beginning with Behind Red Curtains.

Malcolm Steele used to be a Secret Service agent. After leaving the Service he formed the Malcolm Steele National Detective Agency so that he'd have some form of excitement in his life and so that he'd be able to do some good in the world. Steele is independently wealthy and can afford to charge small fees while paying high wages to his employees, both the branch managers (his agency has office in New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles) and the field operatives. Steele actually prefers to work for little money, as those who can't afford to pay top-dollar justice are the ones most often in need of it. He aims to make his agency the best in the country, and he leads from the front, taking charge of many field investigations.

Steele is a tall, strong man with a grim demeanor, a natural reserve, slate-grey eyes; he always wears a raincoat and slouch hat.

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