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Steele, Flash. Flash Steele was created by Lawrence A. Keating (Brad Callahan, Buzz Gainor, Abe Spotswood) and appeared in thirteen stories in Wild West Stories and Complete Novel Magazine from at least 1935 to 1937, beginning with “The Trigger Boss” (Wild West Stories and Complete Novel Magazine, Sept. 1935).

Flash Steele is a Texas Ranger. He didn’t used to be, though. He refused to cooperate in the stealing of horses, and was framed for his troubles. He was sent to La Cholla Prison for a five year stretch, only to revolt and escape within sight of the prison walls. He becomes a Wanted Man, but ends up clearing his name and becomes a special undercover agent for Governor Maridale’s picked force of Rangers: “The Governor wants you for his personal agent, free lancin’. Goin’ where things need to be took care of. An undercover Ranger, sort of. Do as you like, go where you like.” He rides undercover, reporting directly to the governor of the state. His only authority is a letter from the governor which identifies him as a Ranger. Steele is tall and compact and rides the stallion Spot.

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