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Steele, Sam. Sam Steele was created by "Captain Hugh Fitzgerald," a pseudonym of L. Frank Baum (Aunt Jane’s Nieces, Orissa Kane, Oz), and appeared in the two-book “Sam Steele” series, beginning with Sam Steele's Adventures on Land and Sea (1906) and concluding with Sam Steele's Adventures in Panama (1907). (These were later incorporated into the nine-book "Boy Fortune Hunters Series” (1908-1911)).

Sam Steele and his friends are prepubescent fortune hunters who travel the world looking for fame and fortune. They go to the hidden city of Tcha, concealed within the Yucatan jungles and populated by a Lost Race of Atlanteans led by a High Priestess. Later they are shipwrecked on an uncharted isle in the South Seas full of bloodthirsty natives led by the Pearl God.

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