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Steel, Professor. Professor Steel appeared in eight stories in Cheer, Boys, Cheer in 1913, beginning with “The Old Professor” (Cheer, Boys, Cheer, Jan. 19, 1913).

Professor Steel is an irascible, tempestuous bellowing inventor who for years has worked in his labs on Deepmouth Estuary on the East Coast of England building a “new and secret submarine cruiser, the Phantom.” The Phantom is a technologically-advanced submarine which Steel takes to sea on her maiden cruise, only to discover foreign submarines and ships intent on preying on British shipping. Steel sinks them, and then begins a private war against the enemy. (The British government once refused to work with Steel, so he sullenly refuses to have anything to do with them forever after). Steel finds adventure and treasure around the world, even going beneath the Arctic ice caps. Steel is assisted by his nephew, Jim Gordon, who against all evidence is convinced that Steel has a good heart, and by former Navy petty-officer Peter Gunn.

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