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Steel, Commander. Commander Steel appeared in a number of stories in The Startler from 1930 to 1933, beginning with “The Unknown Terror” (The Startler, Aug. 16, 1930).

Commander Steel is a brilliant, evil man who wants to CONQUER THE WORLD! He has created a technologically-advanced airship, two miles long and shaped like a zeppelin, which is armed with a huge steel scoop capable of wrenching entire cities out of the ground. He uses this to terrorize Britain and the world, destroying the Tower Bridge and London Bridge, and uses his other weapons to wipe out Britain’s air fleet. Two brave heroes, Bob Mason and Dave West, design their own heat ray-armed airship and after a grueling series of battles bring down Steel’s airship. But Steel survives and invents a spaceship which he again uses against the Earth before being forced to attack the Metal Men from Mars and a group of time-tossed Vikings.

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