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Stebbins, Josh. Josh Stebbins was created by A.D. Temple and appeared in seventeen stories in Argosy All-Story Weekly from 1919 to 1925, beginning with “Josh Stebbins–Aviator” (All-Story Weekly, Nov. 22, 1919).

Josh Stebbins is a boastful man who has, possibly, visited a number of unusual places and had a number of interesting exploits. Or, equally possibly, he is simply a Tall Tale Teller who tries to con his friends at McGoogle’s cash grocery into believing him. According to Stebbins he has been partnered with a “Byron Murchensen,” discovered the secret of suspended animation, and found some frozen Vikings in the North Pole. Stebbins claims to have thawed the Vikings and taught them modern sailing, and that one of the Vikings, Red Eric, became a bouncer in Chicago.

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