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Stark, Hans. Hans Stark appeared in the German dime novels Hans Stark, Der Fliegerteufel #1-30 (1914), #31-38 (1919-1920), and Hans Stark, der Weltraumfahrer #1 (1950).

Hans Stark is a German teenager, too young to fight in World War One, who takes some advanced technology–its source is unknown, but it is hinted that it ultimately came from Captain Mors–and creates a ten-meter-long vehicle, driven by twenty-five batteries and capable of speeds of 400 km/hour. The aircraft has retractable wings and is fully submersible. It is also armed with machine guns and a bow heat ray. In this craft, and assisted by Bill Reff and a boy, Fritz Eber, Stark travels around the world, fighting Bedouin, rioting Indians, Mexican insurgents, bloodthirsty Zulus, Lupins, werewolves, white slave dealers, and Chinese Yellow Perils.

In Hans Stark, der Weltraumfahrer, Stark is the father of the titular protagonist (also named “Hans Stark”) who takes a rocket into space.

Stark appears in stories with titles like “In the Hands of the Thuggees,” “The Battle in the Japanese Sea,” and “The Crater Lakes of the Unknown Planet.”

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