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Stagart, Fritz. Fritz Stagart was created by “Max Ladenburg,” the pseudonym of the German author Robert Heymann (Fritz Barton, Pat Conner, Prince Petroff), and appeared in Fritz Stagarts Abenteuer #1-80 (1905-1907) and Kriminal-Bibliothek #1-80 (1905-1907); the series was reprinted across Western and Eastern Europe and Scandinavia from 1907 to 1910.

Fritz Stagart is a German consulting detective. He was a nobleman but discarded his title in order to better fight crime, which he does in Europe, Moscow, North Africa, and the western frontier of the United States in the last decades of the 20th century. Stagart fights the “Tunisian Pirate,” a gang modeling itself on Jack the Ripper, a cult of Satanists, and a murderer returned from the dead. He fights a Mad Scientist’s Horror Machine, the Horrors with the Red Hands, “The Temple of Satan,” “The Pact with the Devil,” and “The Sea of Death.” He apprehends wife-murderers, destroys "The House of Death," and fights Yellow Peril opium dealers and a gang of apaches

Stagart appears in stories with titles like “The House of Death,” “A Death in the Theater,” and “The Indian Prince.”

* I'm including the Fritz Stagart stories in the Best of the Encyclopedia list because of the ideasplosions within them. 1905-1907 and 1907-1910 were the years of the initial wave of pulps, gialliheftromane, and dime novels in Europe. There were a range of great heftromane published during those years, but ideasplosion heftromane were for the most part not among them, as the classic ideasplosion heftromane were a post-WW1 innovation. But the Fritz Stagart stories are an exception to the rule, as they were first wave heftromane and undoubtedly ideasplosion heftromane. The writing in them is strictly average, but the ideas...ah, the ideas. So many good ones that readers were exposed to. One could argue that the Fritz Stagart heftromane were  strongly influential on later ideasplosion heftromane, which would make the Fritz Stagart stories historicaly important as well as ideasplosive. 

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