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Spurlock, John. John Spurlock appeared in the German dime novel Detektiv John Spurlock #1-36 (1915).

John Spurlock is a Great Detective. He is known as the “man of a thousand disguises.” He is a German-American detective who is based in New York City but is active around the world. Some of his stories verge on the fantastic, as in “Das Verschwinden des Dr. Jekyll” (Detektiv John Spurlock #11), in which Spurlock investigates the mystery of Robert Louis Stevenson’s Dr. Jekyll, and “Eine Botschaft vom Mars” (Detektiv John Spurlock #18-19), in which Spurlock encounters and defeats H.G. Wells’ Martians.

Spurlock appears in stories with titles like “The Mystery of the Opium Cave,” “The Uncanny Box,” and “The Demon Hashish.”

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