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Spotswood, Abe. Abe Spotswood was created by Lawrence Keating (Brad Callahan, Buzz Gainor, Flash Steele) and appeared in a number of stories in The Lone Ranger Magazine in 1937, beginning with “The 3-in-1 Lawman” (The Lone Ranger Magazine, May 1937).

Abe Spotswood is the law in the frontier town of Hondo. More specifically, he is Hondo’s Marshal, its Justice of the Peace, its Coroner, and the owner of Hondo’s Starlight Saloon, so he collects money from a wide ranger of people on a number of occasions. He maintains his positions despite the hostility of the town trustees, who hate him and fear him and the sawed-off shotgun he carries with him on most occasions. He is “still under thirty, fat, with yellow hair spewing from his tipped-back Stetson.”

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