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Spiridon. Spiridon was created by “André Laurie,” the pseudonym of the French author Paschal Grousset, and appeared in “Spiridon le Muet” (Le Globe Trotter, July 5, 1906).

Spiridon is an intelligent ant, roughly the size of a man, who is the ruler of a colony of sentient ants that live on an island off the coast of Corsica. Dr. Cordat, a young French surgeon, makes contact with Spiridon, and the two have a series of conversations, with Spiridon revealing himself to be both brilliant and curious about human civilization. Spiridon ends up going to Paris with Dr. Cordat. In Paris Spiridon, disguised as a human, becomes a famous doctor; he uses his genius and his advanced knowledge to cure even supposedly uncurable diseases. Unfortunately, jealous competitors unmask Spiridon, who is forced to kill others to protect himself. Eventually he is wounded and put on an operating table, and in the operation he loses his advanced intelligence.

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