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Speedwell Boys. The Speedwell Boys were created by “Roy Rockwood,” the pseudonym of Edward Stratemeyer (Baseball Joe, Hardy Boys, Minute Boys, Motor Boys, Dave Porter, Rover Boys, Russell Brothers, Ted Scott, X Bar X Boys), and appeared in the five-book “Speedwell Boys” series, beginning with The Speedwell Boys on Motorcycles, or, The Mystery of a Great Conflagration (1913) and concluding with The Speedwell Boys and Their Ice Racer, or, Lost in the Great Blizzard (1915).

Dan and Billy Speedwell live in the town of Riverdale on the Colasha River, somewhere in the Midwest. They attend Riverdale High School and work after school to help augment the income of their father, a small dairy farmer. (This greatly amuses the snooty rich boys of Riverdale High). The Speedwells manage to acquire, in order, a motorcycle, a racing car, a "power launch," a submarine, and an "ice racer," which they use to help others and enrich themselves.

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