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Spaulding, Speed. Speed Spaulding was created by Edwin Balmer (Bronson Beta, Luther Trant), Marvin Bradley, and Philip Wylie (Crunch & Des, Hugo Danner, Willis Perkins) and appeared in the comic strip “Speed Spaulding” (1939-1940).

Speed Spaulding is a two-fisted all-American hero, a former all-American quarterback who decides to take action when the world is threatened by two planets having been moved so that they would collide with Earth. Spaulding allies himself with a group of seven scientists from different countries who have formed to deal with this problem. Their solution is to send a group of men and women to another planet on a spaceship one of the scientists had invented. While wooing the daughter of one of the scientists Spaulding fights a group of gangsters and a rogue scientist named "Mitusiki."

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