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Sours, Baldy. Baldy Sours was created by Charles W. Tyler (Big-Nose Charlie, Blue Jean Billy, Dewlap & Wattles, Hiram Pertwee (I), Hiram Pertwee (II)) and appeared in forty stories in a variety of magazines from 1926 to 1948, beginning with “The Coronation of Baldy Sours” (Ace-High Magazine, Aug 15, 1926).

A trio of men drive a “flivver” (jalopy) around the southwestern part of the United States, around Funeral Valley, “the Desert of Fire, an’ up Ballarat Way.” The trio are a nameless narrator, Sampson Sebastian “Baldy” Sours, and “Texas Joe.” When forced to, they work as cowboys, but they dislike that and prefer a variety of get-rich-quick schemes, from prospecting to posing as witch doctors and rain makers.

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