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Sontag, Sad. Sad Sontag was created by W.C. Tuttle (Cultus Collins, Henry Conroy, Happy-Hay, Hashknife Hartley, Howdy Hepburn, Tombstone and Speedy, Warwhoop Wilson) and appeared in thirty-one stories and serials in a variety of magazines and at least three story collections from 1922 to 1948, beginning with “Sontag of Sundown” (Short Stories, July 10, 1922).

Henry “Sad” Sontag is a wandering cowboy who rides with his friend, Swede Harrigan. Sad is bronzed, over six feet tall, thin, and affects plain clothing, including a black Stetson, faded blue shirt, and worn overalls. He’s somewhat taciturn, but a good chap for all of that. Sontag occasionally encounters Hashknife Hartley.

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