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Snook, Josiah. Josiah Snook was created by Guy C. Baker (Gray Hodges, Watts) and appeared in “The Trackless Jungle” (The Blue Book Magazine, June-Nov 1912).

Colonel Josiah Snook is an attorney who for some years has kept away from the courtroom. “Josiah Snook was out of tune with his old profession; he forsook it, because to him it had become an abhorrent thing—a powerful instrument to harass the weak and to solace the strong.” But when a friend perjures himself to help someone, Snook is drawn back to court, and pursues justice through the “trackless jungle” of the law on behalf of the innocent. Snook takes the same approach as Randolph Mason in the later part of his career, using loopholes in the law to see that justice and not the law is done.

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