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Snaith, John. John Snaith was created by George Kibbe Turner (Marcus Aurelius Browne, Chibosh, Mr. Holeman, Salesman) and appeared in a number of stories in Saturday Evening Post in 1917, beginning with “The Danger of Safety” (Saturday Evening Post, Mar. 10, 1917).

John Snaith is a banker, a “thick old sedentary body, in a pepper-and-salt sack suit; a rigid noncommittal face, with small, sharp, wrinkled eyes.” He is “dry and brusque,” and hardened from a career of dealing with money. What particularly saddens and even appalls him is dealing with the many families whose futures have been ruined by bad investments of one sort or another. These investments are usually revealed when the father of the family dies and Snaith opens the man’s safe-deposit box and has to explain to the man’s family that the man’s investments were worth very little. Snaith has a ghost of a sense of humor, and exhibits it on occasion, but continuous exposure to financial tragedy has left him sad and old before his time.

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